Special Events

ASGA October 2023 Social


What: ASGA Monthly Social Meeting
Where: Rohan Rec Center, 850 Kristine Way, The Villages, Florida
When: Tuesday, October 24, 2023 6-9 PM - Doors will open at 5:30

Details: This month we’re doing something a little different. After the Pledge of Allegiance and business meeting we’ll dive right in to socializing and enjoying some “pot luck” appetizers and desserts. Yes, I said POT LUCK which means you get to bring whatever your favorite snack food or dessert is to share with the group. However, we would like to make it just appetizers and/or desserts to keep things simpler and enable us to roam around and socialize while we snack on our goodies. In addition, in an effort to even things out between the two we ask that those whose last names begin with the letters A-M bring appetizers, and those whose names begin with the letters N-Z bring desserts. Also, please plan your contribution for approximately 15 people so that we don’t end up with a lot of leftovers. Thank you for your cooperation.

Note: Please don’t bring anything that requires electricity (i.e., crockpot) Also, we will place 1 or 2 carts at the entrance to the room for you to place your food contribution if you arrive prior to the doors opening. We will then move it into the room and place it on the food tables for you.

Following our snacking and social time, the incomparable Juanita Lolita will take the stage and entertain us with some of her hilarious repartee. She is known as Florida’s Funniest Female. It should be a great evening of fun and laughter so we hope you’ll come out and enjoy the evening with us.

FYIWe have implemented a new policy in an effort to create a more socially inviting atmosphere. There will be 2 reserved signs at each table at socials. These are for new members as well as individuals who just want a place to sit and join in the fun and meet other people

 BYOB and wear your name tag. Your Villages ID is required for admittance to the Rec Center.

Earlybird Member Price paid by October 10th - $10.00;

Earlybird Non-member Price paid by October 10th - $20.00

After October 10th member price - $15.00

Non-member price - $25.00

Earlybird Members - Click here to pay by PayPal by October 10th

Earlybird Nonmembers– Click here to pay by PayPal by October 10th

If you are paying for more than one person please send an email to [email protected] and let us know who so that we can add their names to the check-in list.

Final date to pay is October 17.

Click here to see if your payment was received.

Please note that names are added to the list within 24 hours after we receive notice of payment from PayPal.

NO REFUNDS. If a member has paid for an event and then is unable to attend or accidentally pays twice, it is his/her responsibility to find a replacement and arrange for the replacement to reimburse the member.

REMINDER: All attendees must have their Villages ID or Guest Pass with them for entrance.

Your 2023 Social Chair, Carol McNeal, and the Steering Committee: Trix Mason, Marcia Smith, Pam Cahill, Susie Boyd, Jane Boyle

October Event
No Scotch Tournament
Glenview Golf Course
Date: Sunday October 1, 2023
Location: Glenview Champions
Tee Times: Start 9:28 working backwards
Entry Fee: $20.00 per team (only one person per team pays the entry fee)
This is a two person team event. You pick your partner! It is intended each team has one guy and one gal.
If you don't know who to play with, send me an email. I will try to find a teammate for you.
No Scotch tournament play:
Each person will hit their own drive. Second shot; you hit your partners ball; they hit your ball.
Third shot is where it gets fun. You select the best second shot and play a two person scramble into the hole.
Each team will get strokes from your GHIN handicap. Lowest net score wins.
Prizes determined by the number of teams that sign up.
This is a really fun way to play golf! Always a great event!!

This tournament is full. Contact Ron Horte if you would like to be added to the stand by list.
Organizer - Ron Horte


November Event
Red Ball Tournament
Belle Glade Country Club
Date: Sunday November 12, 2023
Location: Belle Glade
Tee Times: Start 11:56
Entry Fee: $10.00 per person
Field is limited to 44 players due to sunset. Check your calendars and sign up early!
Red Ball is a tournament that requires 4 players (No GHOST GOLFERS).
This game can’t be played fairly unless each team has 4 players!!!!
If you sign up to play and fail to show up it eliminates your entire team. Please check your schedule before you sign up.
Red Ball tournament.
1-  The game is played as such.  Each team will be given a Special Golf Ball. (the ball maybe red, orange or any other color that I can find)
All players tee off from the designated tee box that you normally play from. You do not need to tee off with your special Ball.
2-  From the spot of the best drive is where the Special Ball comes into play. Each team will have an A, B, C, and D player.
You cannot change the order of play!!!!!
a.  Player A plays Red Ball – 1-5-9-13-17
b.  Player B plays Red Ball – 2-6-10-14-18
c.  Player C plays Red Ball – 3-7-11-15
d.  Player D plays Red Ball – 4-8-12-16
3-  The other 3 players play a 3 person Scramble into the hole. The scramble team is hitting 2 after the drive. The Red ball is hitting one after the drive because it is the first time it is being hit.
4-  Then you combine the Red Ball score plus the Scramble score together for your team score. For example: You score a 3 with the Red Ball and the scramble score is 4. Add 3+4= 7 for that hole.
5- If you lose your RED BALL, you can’t record a score.   You MUST turn in your special golf ball with your scorecard at the end of the tournament.
Failure to return your golf ball will eliminate your team from the competition.
Meet in the Restaurant for scoring, drinks, and dinner.
Prizes for closest to the pin for Men and Ladies.  Team prizes based on number of teams.
Last team collect closet to the pins.
Organizer - Ron Horte

Florida Cup

Every year one of Florida’s ASGA chapters hosts THE FLORIDA CUP. The September 2022 event was hosted by The Sarasota Chapter at the Streamsong Resort in Bowling Green, Florida. There were two tournaments each day: the Florida Cup competition and the scramble/shamble. Three Florida chapters of ASGA competed in the tournament with a 6 man and 6 woman team. All other golfers played in a scramble/shamble format each day for prizes in a mixed chapter foursome.

The Villages chapter won! (See more pictures on the photo page.)

The Florida Cup play between the chapters has been suspended for the indefinite future.