Special Events



What: ASGA Monthly Social Meeting
Where: Rohan Rec Center, 850 Kristine Way, The Villages, Florida
When: Tuesday August 23, 2022, 5:15-9PM   Please note - this event will start earlier than normal

 Description: Never seen at ASGA, presented by ALOHA, O KA HULA…a totally new and different full POLYNESIAN PRODUCTION by the Number 1 Hawaiian group often performing at the town squares in The Villages.  There will be dance music following the performance. You don’t want to miss this one. The decorations will be spectacular and the social committee has planned for some special surprises for everyone.

 Feel free to wear:   YOUR TROPICAL BEST


Last Date to Pay –Wed., AUGUST 17, 2022 ---Make reservations EARLY

BYOB and wear your name tag

Cost – Members-$17   Nonmembers/Guests-$27

Members - Click here to pay by PayPal for Chicken Teriyaki

Members - Click here to pay by PayPal for Beef Teriyaki

Members - Click here to pay by PayPal for Pork Strips

Members - Click here to pay by PayPal for Shrimp Tempura

NonMembers - Click here to pay by PayPal for Chicken Teriyaki

NonMembers - Click here to pay by PayPal for Beef Teriyaki

NonMembers - Click here to pay by PayPal for Pork Strips

NonMembers - Click here to pay by PayPal for Shrimp Tempura

 If you are paying for more than one person please send an email to villagesasga@gmail.com and let us know who so that we can add their names to the check-in list.

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Please note that names are added to the list within 24 hours after we receive notice of payment from PayPal.

NO REFUNDS. If a member has paid for an event and then is unable to attend or accidentally pays twice, it is his/her responsibility to find a replacement and arrange for the replacement to reimburse the member.

Your 2022 Social Chair, Annette Leonhard, August Co-Chair, Kimberly Foreman Steering Committee: Lois Schwartz, Carolyn Goldstein, Beth Disque, Kathy Maloney, Margo French, Sandra Cain

August Golf Event
Orange Ball Tournament
PLAY: 18 holes of Golf at Havana Country Club
DATE:  Sunday August 21, 2022
Tee Times: Starting at 9:28 working backwards
Tournament entry fee is $10.00. You are responsible for your green fees at the Golf Shop of Havana.
Orange Ball is a tournament that requires 4 players (No GHOST GOLFERS).
This game can’t be played fairly unless each team has 4 players!
If you sign up please be committed to play!!!
1-  The game is played as such.  Each team will be given an Orange Ball. All players tee off from the designated tee box that you normally play from. Do not tee off with Orange Ball.
2-  From the spot of the best drive is where the Orange Ball comes into play. Each team will have an A, B, C, and D player.
You cannot change the order of play!!!!!
a.  Player A plays Orange Ball – 1-5-9-13-17
b.  Player B plays Orange Ball – 2-6-10-14-18
c.  Player C plays Orange Ball – 3-7-11-15
d.  Player D plays Orange Ball – 4-8-12-16
The Orange ball will not count the stroke that you hit off the tee box. You are hitting one from that point to the hole.
3-  The other 3 players play a 3 person Scramble into the hole, starting from the drive counting the drive off the tee box.
4-  Then you combine the Orange Ball score plus the Scramble score together for your team score.
EXAMPLE: Orange ball was hit twice and the team scramble hit the ball 3 tscore was 3. Total score is 5.
5- If you lose your ORANGE BALL, you can’t record a score.   You MUST turn in your original golf ball with your scorecard at the end of the Tournament.  Failure to turn in your original golf ball will eliminate your team from the competition.
Play ready golf! Keep up with the group in front of you.  If you fall behind you will be asked to close the gap in front of you.  If you cannot close the gap you will be asked to skip a hole and record a double bogey for Scramble and Orange Ball score.
Ron Horte
Golf Chair


Florida Cup

Every year one of Florida’s ASGA chapters hosts THE FLORIDA CUP. The October 2021 event was hosted by The Villages Chapter at the Hammock Beach Resort in Palm Coast Florida. There were two tournaments each day: the Florida Cup competition and the scramble/shamble. Five Florida chapters of ASGA competed in the tournament with a 6 man and 6 woman team. All other golfers played in a scramble/shamble format each day for prizes in a mixed chapter foursome.

The Villages chapter won! (See more pictures on the photo page.)

Information about the 2022 Florida Cup is available below.

2021 Fl Cup Team
The Florida Cup is an annual event, similar to a Ryder Cup event, between all the ASGA chapters in Florida. If you have never attended a Florida Cup event, we hope you will attend this year. It has truly evolved into an event not to be missed when all the Florida ASGA chapters meet for some fun and friendly competition on the fairways. The weekend is chock full of golf, friendship, fun, food, raffles, and an amazing array of great prizes. This year's event will be hosted by the Sarasota Chapter and held from September 5-7 at the Streamsong Resort in Bowling Green, only about a 2 1/2 hour drive from The Villages. Players of all skill levels are welcome. There are opportunities to participate in the match play or a scramble/shamble format.
We have received the following registration information from the Sarasota Chapter.
Registration is open and ready.
Florida Cup 2022 is set for StreamSong Resort September 5th through 7th.
Check in and registration at the resort will start at 4pm on Sept 5th. We will have a Welcome reception from 6pm-7pm for all participants.
Registration for the Florida Cup is open now and can be done by going to the following link:
Resort registration can be made by calling 844-207-8079 and identifying yourself as a member of American Singles Golf Association-Florida Cup group. Single occupancy is $1247.47 with a deposit of $256.45 required by July 5th. Double occupancy will be $962.99 with a deposit of $128.23 required by July 5th (identify who you are sharing with). The balance will be due on August 5th. There is also a non golfer rate of $348.95.
Thank you,
David Majord
Sarasota Chapter President
After you pay the registration fee, please click here to go to The Village ASGA spreadsheet to sign up if you haven't already and be sure to indicate in column K that you have paid.
 Here is a link to an interesting video about the resort:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZQkWDIINFjIXP-GU8fdPi49QdI5AS0Qw/view?usp=sharing