We’re the Villages Chapter of the American Singles Golf Association (ASGA), one of the fastest growing sports and singles groups in the country. ASGA membership requires only that you be single and a golfer. That sound like you? The American Singles Golf Association is a group of  over 30 chapters throughout the United States composed of real people you meet face-to-face and, of course, play golf with. Chapters hold general membership social meetings once each month and play golf as a group as often as they would like. Many social events are also held throughout the year. During our last check of a major search engine, we found 20 million references to "singles clubs." Most of these organizations are internet-based. Your chances of meeting quality people are about as good as hitting a hole-in-one. Meeting others through golf is probably the best way to begin any relationship, business or personal. There's nothing like a group of friends getting together in the morning or afternoon for a great round of golf  followed by food and socializing at a local restaurant. It's just a great way to spend your time.


The American Singles Golf Association motto is "Fairways and Fun"!! The Villages chapter hosts many weekly executive and championship golf events in the Villages and at near-by courses outside The Villages. We also get together with our neighboring Florida chapters for an annual Florida Cup. Many of us participate in National outings held in places like Denver, Sacramento, and Orlando. ASGA National offers great rates for golf/party weekends in resorts like Pinehurst, Hilton Head, Palm Springs, Myrtle Beach and Tampa! Quite a few of our members have taken advantage of ASGA National sponsored trips to Spain, Scotland and Hawaii. We’re a local club with all the benefits of a national association! Check the calendar to find out what what's coming up.


What’s a singles’ organization without social events? ASGA’s calendar is usually crammed full of good times. In addition to a monthly social event,  past events have included kayaking trips, visits to local spots of interest, Casino cruises, and theater, golf cart scavenger hunts, and many other activities. Making friends is easy! Join us and help plan this year’s social schedule! Check the calendar to find out what we have scheduled.

Interested in knowing more? Call 1-888-465-3628 (toll free) or E-mail us at: for more information.

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