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Hole-in-One Fund
Each member who wishes to participate in a hole-in-one Insurance pot for championship and/or executive golf pays $5.00 to one or both. If a participant scores an ace during a Villages ASGA golf event, he or she will receive $100.00 at the next monthly social event.

Click here to join the executive course hole-in-one fund.

Click here to join the championship course hole-in-one fund.

Click here to see a list of the participants for the executive course hole-in-one fund.

Click here to see a list of the participants for the championship course hole-in-one fund.

Priority and 18-Hole Championship golf - will play Quota points

We will have a crossover of points for everyone who has established points in ASGA Championship Golf. Those who don't have any points will have to establish points after 3 rounds of golf.

ASGA Championship golf is played on Monday, Thursday and Saturday at The Villages Championship courses, with the exception of the 18 hole Saturday group which plays outside the Villages from November 1st to May 1st.

In order to get tee times for our group it is necessary for you to have a “priority membership” to all championship courses. “Non-priority” members can sign up as a substitute. After the tee times are established you may be able to play if there is a cancellation OR if there are available slots (i.e. a 3some that needs a 4th) you can sign yourself up on the tee time system. Players play their own ball every round of golf.

The golf game played is "Quota" which is based on points awarded for scoring performance.

1 point for a Bogey

2 points for a Par

4 points for Birdie

8 points for Eagles

It takes 3 rounds of golf to establish your Quota point’s average. We use your last 5 rounds for your average. Once you have established your quota average (3 rounds) you can start playing for prizes.

Prize money is $3.00. Prize money is awarded for most points over your Quota points average. (i.e. if your average is 20 points and you earn 22 points for the round. You are a + 2). Prize money paid out depends on the number of players. We also play closest to the Pin on Par 3’s

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